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Map of Tallendrall (Beta Version)

For years, I have struggled with the overland map of Tallendrall. While much of the action has occurred worldwide, I have focused more on the areas, not the general map. I always knew four main continents (or land masses) would surround a central island. At this central island, twenty-four spires stood tall at the time of the world’s creation. Other areas, such as Rodia and Shalia were added due to story demands. I strive to make each area have its own unique feel and brand.

  • Adia: This province is at the northwestern province known for its lush forests and rivers. Over the ages, many barons and kingdoms have benefited from its plentiful resources. This allowed me to present arrogant, pretentious nobles and the poor people that suffered beneath their greed. This is also where the Great Train was built during the Age of Magic and continued to operate through the Age of Corruption.
  • Antellia: The Antellian Province has large plantations and heavy mining operations. Its people, known for their independent thinking and attitudes, are hard-working and have revolutionary ideals of freedom and justice. Such concepts allowed merchants to thrive while the nobility slowly lost its influence. This led to the eventual creation of a republic, the first of its kind in the realm. However, the land has suffered countless troubles with curses and monsters. Despite these challenges, the people remained strong and prosperous.
  • Eretia: This is a land of mountains and cold wastelands. It has few forests and lakes in the barren land. Most cities are centered around these lakes or deep below the tall mountain ranges. Despite these hardships, the people remain resilient and search for new ideas to make their lives easier. Due to this drive, they continue to make the most remarkable achievements and discoveries, regardless of the cost. Such discoveries include airships, ethaerium cannons, and imperial knights.
  • Rodia: Some considered this a part of the Eretia, but its inhabitants would disagree. Far away from the machinations of the other human provinces, many orc clans and barbarian tribes have found refuge here. Living off the land, they have little need for technologies that many in the realm have relied on. This is partly due to spirits taking refuge here and building a kinship with its people.
  • Shalia: Very little is known about this land. It had lush forests and tall peaks in the early ages, but everything changed when demons stole the land and took it to a different realm. Through the heroic efforts of Monty and others during the Age of Corruption, it returned to Tallendrall. After that, it was a barren land, still haunted by demonic entities and other monsters. The land slowly returned to its original state due to the efforts of a few druids.
  • Xandia: It is a land full of jungles, rivers, and ruins. The ancient settlers of Tallendrall came here first and built many of the first cities. As they were abandoned, the jungle retook the cities, turning them into broken ruins full of dangerous and powerful artifacts. Other than trading cities along the coast and a few large cities in the interior, the land remains mostly unexplored. Many creatures roam and hide in the thick jungles and deep waterways, making exploring dangerous.

Like everything I do here, this map is still in its early stages and may change. But, it should provide a deeper perspective on how I am taking these stories.

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