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The Big Picture

This will be another small post, but I wanted to tell you about my plans. Of course, plans change, and I will keep you in the loop on every curve and course change on this crazy journey. So, let’s dig into my grandiose plans.

Fallen Spire Novels

The Fallen Spires series will continue with the book Flight of the Ninth Spire. It will be a story with a new cast of characters living in the new age after the realm-changing Battle of the Spires. They must use the navigator’s ship, The Ninth Spire, to save a lost colony from a new form of evil. It will be story spanning across stars while they discover their powers within.

Fallen Spire RPG Books

I have spent many years as a pen-and-paper roleplayer and have collected bookshelves of RPGs and boardgames. After multiple Fallen Spires books, it is time to move this world into a roleplaying game. The first step will be to publish a set of core rules followed by adventures sets for each age. Supplements for specific topics will be published as identified. This will be a finite set of books designed for years of gaming.

VTT and Mobile Apps

As i work on these books, I will also look into creating artifacts and modules for popular VTT platforms. I also have ideas for mobile apps but that will be coming later.

Other Worlds

I have two other worlds that I have been writing stories for over the years. These settings are much different than Fallen Spires and have allowed me to explore the Science Fiction genre. The stores are still in rough drafts but hopefully they will soon be ready for everyone’s enjoyment

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