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Honoring those who Served…

Image of USA flags and the cross in the distance
Image by Em Sawyers from Pixabay

I know I am just getting re-started with this blog, but I wanted to take a break this week and focus on something more important.

In the United States, we commemorated Memorial Day this week. It’s a day where we recollect and honor those who have served in the military. It is the greatest duty and sacrifice anyone can make for their country. A feeling that I think many people forget about amidst the negativity that has consumed our nation. This day serves as a reminder for us all to remember their service and sacrifice. I urge you to take a moment – not just on this particular day but any day – to thank an active service member or veteran for what they’ve done for us. Having had family members serve, I know firsthand the hardships that they and their loved ones endure. While they may not say it, deep down, they will appreciate your gratitude.

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