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Fallen Spires RPG is coming…

For those that may have noticed in my first posting on this revamped site, I am working on a Fallen Spires RPG. This is not an official announcement yet, but it’s coming. I am developing it in my spare time, so it will be some time before it’s ready.

As mentioned previously, I am a big fan of tabletop RPGs. I have spent much time researching different open gaming systems for those familiar with the space. Some are very popular and may make more financial sense. However, the key to picking any system is its compatibility with what I have written in previous books. Another aspect is its ability to add more flavor and ideas to the Fallen Spires universe. This is very important because it will give more options and ideas to the gamemasters and players. Other factors include rule complexity and SRD availability. I am not a fan of complex systems, and I don’t want to rewrite everything from scratch. With this all being said, I have settled on the Cypher System by Monte Cook Games.

More details to come.

Cypher Con

I wanted to take a moment and announce Cypher Unlimited Discord will be hosting an online Cyper Con starting on Thursday, July 20, and will run for three weeks. To learn more, please use this link to access the discord channel:

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