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Summertime of Games

It is another year of great game cons. Cyphercon continues to be fun, and Gencon is about to start. I won’t make it in person to Gencon, but I hope to play many marvelous games online. I look forward to playing in Starfinder and Cthulhu games, among other lesser-known games.

It is an excellent time to see all the different gamemasters and players’ styles. It also allows you to play character types you wouldn’t usually play. It is only for a few hours, and nothing will stick other than meeting more great people. And, you can always warn the party that you are stretching yourself. They may even provide tips and thoughts on making the experience even better.

Also, there are other games besides roleplaying games. It is also an opportunity to dabble in miniature games or even TCGs. And don’t forget the board games! So, go ahead and try something new. It might surprise you what you find.

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